5.7.05. Adding new text source type options in my application.

Now that I have Textile support integrated into Zope 3 for my application, I decided to add support for different source types to said application. This didn't really require much on top of the previous work. First, I added a new field to the IPost interface and a new default class attribute to the Post implementation for the Post's "description_type". On the interface, I added the field as a Choice stemming from the "SourceTypes" vocabulary:

    description_type = zope.schema.Choice(
        title=u"Description Format",
        description=u"Type of the description text.",

Then I updated the 'renderDescription' method of the PostView class to get the description type from the adapted object and use that to get the renderer. Now the method looks like this:

    def renderDescription(self):
        """Renders the description from textile source."""
        description = self.context.description
        description_type = self.context.description_type
        source = zapi.createObject(description_type, description)
        view = zapi.getMultiAdapter((source, self.request))
        return view.render()

After restarting the application, I now have this as my add-form:

Notice another one of those types - "Source Code". I created that type for my code snippet content, with a renderer that wraps up text in HTML 'pre' tags and quotes some common trouble entities (angle brackets, ampersands).