22.6.05. Eucci & Co, Summer Curse / Summer Beast

Summer Curse / Summer Beast

  1. Eucci,
    tah'naer (Halo and LGL Variations)

    Piano, prepared electric piano and tape variations of "tah'naer", a composition for piano, hospital, and typewriters by J.Shell.

    tah'naer: Jeff Shell (Scream Sheet Studios, 1995)
    Halo Variation: Fay Marcy (Halo Auditorium, 1999)
    LGL Variation: Jeff Shell for Eucci (Eucci Pierpont 2005)
    Halo + LGL Variations: Jeff Shell (Eucci Pierpont 2005)

  2. Eucci,
    Catalog Life

    1.Summer at LGL Point
    2.You've Ruined Me

    Scenes from a life that inspired a summer catalog collection.

    Jeff Shell's Eucci brings banjo, rhodes, aggressive leads, and more and runs it through the minimalist musique concrete tape machine, bringing a cut up and softly distorted sound to faintly recognizable objects and a touch of bluegrass.

    Percussion, pops, and dusty instruments swarm around your ears like summer dreams in urban parks.