25.7.08. Remembering Pausch

There are three things that I remember about IPC 8 (International Python Conference 8), besides it being the only Python conference which I've had the luxury of attending.

  1. Riding from Fredericksburg to somewhere outside of DC in a major Virginia snowstorm, only the first or second such snowstorm I had seen since moving to the area in late 1997.
  2. Meeting Tres Seaver.
  3. The final keynote, masterfully given by Randy Pausch.

Pausch, who passed away earlier today (July 25, 2008), was charismatic, smart, and opinionated, and his keynote was funny and engaging. I must admit that I forgot Randy's name, but I'll also gladly admit that many of the points he made have remained with me and I still think of them often. There are even a couple of anecdotes which I repeat to others. Not many people can give such memorable speeches and presentations. Thanks, Randy. I'm glad to have met and heard him in person once, and wish I had been able to do so again to thank him for some great insights and inspirations.