6.4.08. Sunday Great Openings

In my last post, I revisited an earlier write-up of a personal experience involving The Hafler Trio’s so-called Trilogy in Three Parts. I’ve been on a bit of a binge lately, trying to grab up a lot of Hafler Trio releases that I let slip by over the past few years. Right now, I’ve got two thirds of the Exactly series of long-form dual disc releases revolving around the voice of Jónsi Birgisson (Sigur Ros), with one of those releases being in the form of the deluxe packaging from Simply Superior. I’ve been starting to pick up vinyl releases as well and will soon have all three evidences according to Wolf Sheep Cabbage, among others. I even managed to find a well priced vinyl copy of what has become one of my all time favorite albums: A Thirsty Fish.

But on this here Sunday morning, I find myself ill at ease. Shoulders are tense, bones are cracking, mind is dazed yet burning. To try to find a spot of calm, I first went through what I have so far of the Exactly set, but it wasn’t helping today. So I returned, again, to this initial trilogy. I haven’t listened to it much since my grand encounter four years ago. That was just a little too powerful. But up until that point, I got a fair amount of comfort out of the series. It’s still a remarkably powerful. The trick is not to get too lost in it when not wanting great and terrible visions. All I need right now is a warm, sustained, and calming presence. These can do that job rather well - enough to get me through the morning and into a much needed hot shower followed by a cold walk with the dog and some lukewarm coffee.

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