27.3.06. Too Much Effort?

I’ve spent way way way way way too much of the day trying to code in a couple of simple objects into a Zope 3 application. They’re ridiculously simple, for the most part, with a couple of specialized business requirements beyond them.

Some of the slowdown has come from me back-pedaling on a couple of design decisions earlier in the day. But as I slough through just the basic ZCML to get these stupid little persistent objects registered into Zope (after the amount of work it took just to get here), I feel another headache coming on. And I’m not even to the actual hard part of the work yet. And this task is still a small part of all that I had hoped to get done today. It’s something that really should have been done a couple of hours ago, and I bet I have an hours worth of work ahead of me on this one stupid task alone.