27.1.11. Sunhil Intentions for 2011

As announcing one's intentions is the simplest way of hearing God laugh, I'm planning on doing the following for Eucci and AODL this year: it's time to finish cleaning out the back catalog. Whether this is a coda at the end or the beginning of the next phase for both projects is uncertain. I just know that it's time to stop letting these unreleased pieces hold me back. Yes, I'd like for some of them to be released in beautiful physical form, and some might still be so. But chances are that most of them will be released online, for free. The candidates are:


  • Pachyderm (1994) - Tape collage, and really the first proper 'Eucci' recording where the early style really came together. Meant to be on tape, but it's long (45 minutes) and I could never find a satisfactory b-side.
  • Star City (1996-1999) - mid-era electroacoustics and musique concrete, some for radio programs.
  • Apt (2004) - unreleased sounds for an empty apartment in the world's last perfect spring.
  • Like The City, We're Bound To Last (2000-2009) - Spans some of the earliest Eucci (2000), mid-era (2004) and some late-era work (2007-2009).


  • Fans of Flesh and Textured Wrecks (2004-2007) - the most likely to get a proper vinyl release. Long form dark AODL, most of it in special live broadcast performances.


  • Eucci, "Because 1999 Needs an Enemy" - very limited edition tape from a bad start to the year. Of interest, mostly, as it is the direct ancestor of AODL. It was the first experiments in doing feedback loops of effect pedals, and using those as the only sound source.


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