16.3.06. No! Fun! Til Brooklyn!

Mar 17, I'll be playing at No Fun Fest 2006, in the basement for Hospital Productions night. No Fun Fest runs Mar 17-19 at The Hook (18 Commerce Street) in Brooklyn.

Smegma, Ikue Mori, Zbigniew Karkowski, Sickness, and me, the always yodeling aodl.

Show starts around 7:30 each night, and I'm one of the first to go on. Come on down and watch me rock the trumpet tuning mic like you know I do it right.

... Update, 27 Mar 06: I realize now that this didn't get published until way too late. Blogspot was having connection issues when I rapidly tried to post this before I left town, and I forgot about it until today's update. oops.