8.3.06. Is this thing back on?

Somehow, Griddle Noise got selected as a spam blog or offensive blog or something along those lines. I'm trying to decide whether I should don the dynamite hat of paranoia or not. It could be fun: add to my crankiness a fear of everyone. "They know I'm right, dammit, and they're trying to shut me up?" "Who?" "THEM!" "Who?" "Them!"

If it wouldn't be so mind-crushingly depressing (and wasn't so out of budget), I think I could use a vacation. Remember that week I spent in a shot glass in the bay? Me neither.

I actually do have a small chance coming up to get away, but it's not all stress free like I need. It's sortof work. I'll be performing at No Fun Fest 2006, March 17th, down in the basement, around 8-ish I think, somewhere in Brooklyn where the trains don't go.

ls4+2. Hearts and springs are stupid things.