6.12.05. Tinderbox - More on the Map View

Yesterday I touched on using Tinderbox as it's become a core part of my Getting Things Done workflow. In particular, I became enamored with the Map View yesterday as I had to plan out a tricky little project. While working in the map view, where I was able to think things out spatially instead of hierarchically, the items I created were still regular Tinderbox items and were wired into my GTD agents. When I went to work on this project today, I was back in hierarchical mode, checking things off as I got them done.

Ryan Holcomb's GTD template uses color to distinguish items as they move through the flow, with these colors being set automatically by the Tinderbox agents - yellow for 'on hold', orange for 'complete', bright green for 'due today', red for 'overdue' (for items marked with a due date). A benefit of this is how it appears in the map view. Even when items are children of items, they show up in a kindof thumbnail view at the current level. Thus today, checking in on the map view of my project yielded this:

Tinderbox Map Example, 3

This shows me that I still have one item to do for the 'Sharing View' (in the box on the right), and one item on hold in the other box. Very nice.