3.9.08. New Blogging Pastures

With a fair amount of success, I've pulled in the entries from the old Griddle Noise into a Squarespace account. I've long been dissatisfied with Blogger... It was good enough for a free service, I guess, but I just couldn't take it any more. It was hard to use Markdown, and it was hard to use its "wysiwyg" editor on Safari. Results were unpredictable. So I'm giving Squarespace a try.

It's really quite a nice service, and it will definitely do for now. The big issue is to either:

  • Make time to write
  • Write smaller

So head over to eucci.squarespace.com/griddle-noise. Gods and time willing, I'll get around to knocking out my tech thoughts again on topics such as:

  • Python
  • Zope 3 Component Architecture
  • Buildout and the realization of the component dream (almost)
  • Git
  • Object publishing
  • etc...